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Want to Boost Your Super and Assets?

15 Strategies to Supercharge Your Super

We wrote this e-book for you.

It contains a number of proven and tested strategies that most Australians should (but don’t) use to reduce their tax and boost their super.

We have been using these strategies for our clients over many years to legally reduce their tax payments and boost their super and assets. It’s not a one size fits-all approach, and you will most likely need help implementing these strategies. However, you will see the value in having a trusted adviser on your team.

We hope you find the 15 Strategies helpful and they add value to your hip pocket.

Tony Davison

Senior Financial Advisor

Brett Schatto


Azlin Lufti

Accounting Partner

The facts

The figures are staggering - Australians need advice

Australian’s have:

$44 billion paid for the age pension each year

A $1 trillion retirement savings gap

$40 billion in credit card debt

$156,000 average mortgage at retirement

$17 billion in lost super

$23 billion annual gambling habit

85% of couples regularly fight over money

15 Strategies to
Supercharge Your Super

Specifically designed to illustrate simple and effective ways for you to reduce your tax and boost your retirement savings.


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