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2021 - New Year Webinar

Azlin, Brett and Tony presented our 2021 kick-off webinar on Facebook Live. If you missed it, see the replay

Cancer! $#!% happens, now what?

When you receive confronting news like a cancer diagnosis, you have every right to become philosophical about the meaning of life and how unfair and random it can be. This article has been written based on my personal experience and the experience that comes with seeing a number of our clients go through the difficulties […]

The Impact of Covid-19 on Life Insurance (and it’s not what you think)

When households experience financial stress, life insurance is unfortunately one of the first expenses to go. However, the current Covid-19 health and economic crisis is prompting Australians to reassess their life insurance needs, and in many cases, increase their cover. Pride Advice’s David Slovinec explains. Pride Advice is currently assisting 15 clients to lodge and […]

Four simple ways to keep your retirement dreams on track during a pandemic

In the face of growing economic uncertainty and market volatility, there are practical, non-monetary steps that everyone can take to secure a comfortable retirement.

SMSFs to Extend Boundary for Six

Large families disadvantaged by current SMSF member limits may get their chance to add extra members, with the government vowing to increase the maximum number to six.

Business Stimulus Package Update

Markets – What to do about the selloff, and what we think is next

If you missed the webinar on the 18th March 2020 catch up by watching this video replay.  If you were at the live event here is your chance to recap some of the great insights. We had a great response from our audience attending today’s webinar from Tony Davison, Brett Schatto and our expert panel […]

Why women are the financial powerhouses of the future

Armed with a top education, self-confidence and their own money, women are increasingly taking control of their finances, Senior Financial Adviser Tracey Boam writes. It’s often said in financial planning circles that “A man is not a financial plan”. This rhyme is used frivolously to encourage women to plan for the future but the truth […]

Why we need to talk about aged care now

Navigating the maze of aged care options while coming to terms with the physical and cognitive decline of elderly parents is not easy, which is why more Australians are seeking professional help.  Renay Richardson writes. The daunting process of placing a much-loved parent into aged care stirs a range of emotions. According to Aged Care […]