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Join us at the Lion’s Roar for our unique take on investment markets, super and tax issues. Updated every fortnight with commentary from Tony Davison, Brett Schatto, Azlin Lutfi and our team of experts.

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Cancer! $#!% happens, now what?

When you receive confronting news like a cancer diagnosis, you have every right to become philosophical about the meaning of life and how unfair and random it can be. This article has been written based on my personal experience and the experience that comes with seeing a number of our clients go through the difficulties […]

Expat Advice - What if I haven't submitted Aussie taxes in a while?

Tony and Azlin discuss how they helped an Aussie expat client submit tax returns for the first time since 2016.

Are you thinking about renovating? You may be eligible for a $25,000 HomeBuilder grant.

The government’s $680 million HomeBuilder program is getting a lot of coverage, but the strict eligibility criteria is prohibitive for many households, Azlin Lufti writes. To support jobs in the residential construction sector, the Federal Government is giving eligible Australians a $25,000 tax-free grant to put towards building a new home or substantially renovating their […]

The Only Two Pieces of Aged Care Advice You Need

Moving in with the kids is not a realistic aged care solution for most Australians, making it essential for households to plan ahead and understand their options well in advance. Pride Advice’s Malcolm Brown explains how. There are no guarantees when it comes to aged care. Securing a spot in a high quality, conveniently-located facility […]

From the fraud squad to financial advice: In their own words

We met when Brett was a young detective with the South Australian police and came onto my team; I was Detective Senior Sergeant with the fraud squad at the time, I think it was around 2000.

Eventually he decided to leave the police and pursue a career in finance. I lost track of him for a bit, but when I left the police myself to go work for ASIC as a senior manager I asked him to help manage my benefits and take care of an insurance issue that had cropped up.

Investors Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies

Given the market climate right now, prudent investment has never been more important. Pride Advice’s Tony Davison discusses the pitfalls you should avoid. As investment markets become increasingly volatile and unpredictable, it is critical for investors to think carefully, challenge assumptions and ask questions no matter how silly they think they may be. Consider the […]

The Impact of Covid-19 on Life Insurance (and it’s not what you think)

When households experience financial stress, life insurance is unfortunately one of the first expenses to go. However, the current Covid-19 health and economic crisis is prompting Australians to reassess their life insurance needs, and in many cases, increase their cover. Pride Advice’s David Slovinec explains. Pride Advice is currently assisting 15 clients to lodge and […]

Working from home? You may qualify for tax deductions

People are increasingly working from home to manage the spread of the Coronavirus. Some clients are asking about their eligibility to claim deductions on home office expenses. Pride Advice’s Riady Haryono explains the rules. The rules for claiming home office expenses Approximately one in three Australians regularly work from home, according to a 2016 report […]

Only Two Weeks Left for Small Businesses to Apply for a $10K COVID-19 Grant

Small businesses and not-for-profit organisations suffering due to COVID-19 have until 1 June to apply for additional financial support. Is your business eligible?