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Plan for the best

Money Mazagine in October 2019 asked Tony Davison from Pride Advice to answer questions about estate planning in the above article “Plan for the best”. Here is what he had to say:

Market Brief November 2019

Strategy Session - Managing the Debt Trap

Debt is a concept that most people are familiar and comfortable with from a relatively young age. By the time many Australians have reached 20, they have accumulated tens of thousands of dollars in student loans plus credit card debt and personal loans to pay for things like clothes, holidays and second-hand cars. Unfortunately, the […]

Managed Portfolios Review – September Quarter, 2019

During the quarter, the holdings in James Hardie (JHX) were sold, CSL and Reliance (RWC) were reduced,and APA bought. There was a general reduction in equity weight across the board during the quarter.

Market Minute - Investments and Super

As usual we have a busy market with plenty of noise and lots of things to look at. Tony Davison chats with Michael Wayne from Mediallion Financial about the “noise”, market valuations and a case study on

Strategy Session - Will Inheritance Mean Losing the Aged Pension?

Pride Advice’s Brett Schatto and Tony Davison answer a viewer question who is concerned that an inheritance may lead losing the aged pension.

Creative gift giving, no wrapping required

With Christmas around the corner, it’s a good time to revisit the Centrelink gifting rules to ensure ‘Santa’ doesn’t get carried away. Pride Advice’s Brett Schatto writes.

Estate Planning Lessons courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had impeccable taste in clothes but he also had an excellent solicitor.

The Property Liquidity Trap

When asked in isolation if property or shares represent a better investment, my comment
is that the most important factor is whether there’s a market to on-sell the property,
or an environment where a potential purchaser can obtain finance to buy your