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Brett and Tracey talk estate planning

2021 - New Year Webinar

Azlin, Brett and Tony presented our 2021 kick-off webinar on Facebook Live. If you missed it, see the replay

Brett & Dave Slovenic Talk Insurance

The Year That Was - 2020

Portfolio Update September 2020

The quarter ending 30 September produced positive returns in the portfolio. In a year of surprises, the quarter saw yet another anomaly – new all time highs in US markets in August – despite the backdrop of the worst economic conditions in a generation. August’s market gains were offset by falls in September and as […]

Brett Schatto Interviewed on ABC Radio

Historically low interest rates! “How are those interest rates going to affect us?”, ABC radio presenter Sonya Feldhoff asked our CEO Brett Schatto yesterday. Fast forward to the interview which starts at 34:32.

Why accountancy is the best profession to promote diversity

When it comes to fostering diversity and inclusion, the accounting profession is a leader – but there is still plenty to do, writes Azlin Lutfi. This article was originally published on Acuity. Numbers are universal. While languages developed organically within cultures and regions, mathematics travelled with trade. The foundation and principles of maths are the […]

Cancer! $#!% happens, now what?

When you receive confronting news like a cancer diagnosis, you have every right to become philosophical about the meaning of life and how unfair and random it can be. This article has been written based on my personal experience and the experience that comes with seeing a number of our clients go through the difficulties […]