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Market Outlook & Managed Portfolios Review – December Quarter, 2019

With a full month of 2020 now elapsed, what started in share markets as a very strong performance for the year has recently retraced on the back of concerns for global growth …

The Australian Diaspora (and our client Jane) look to pay tax on the sale of their family home

Legislation to strip foreign residents of the main residence CGT exemption hits the Senate this month. Many Australian citizens and permanent residents living abroad could be affected, according to Pride Advice’s Riady Haryono and Azlin Lutfi. Legislation that seeks to remove the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) main residence exemption for foreign residents quietly passed through […]

Happy Snaps from Christmas Party in Sydney

Accessing the Age Pension is easier than you think

Are you aged 66 years or over with a combined income under $80,610 per annum and less than $1.074 million in financial assets? You may be eligible for a part Age Pension, Brett Schatto writes.

How to avoid Centrelink delays and get paid quicker

Satisfying the ever changing Centrelink eligibility rules and completing the necessary paperwork is the easy part. Extracting your entitlements from Centrelink and staying on top of the changes is the real challenge, which is why it’s important to plan ahead and seek advice, Brett Schatto writes.