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Deciding who to trust with your financial future to is an incredibly important (and stressful) decision). Your trust is our goal.

The first meeting with a Pride Advice financial planner is our chance to sit down with you and talk about your motivations and desires so that we can identify the possibilities available to you. But it’s a two-way street; it’s your chance to get to know us, as well. By the end of the first meeting, you’ll know whether we are the right fit for you.

We’ve been successful at establishing long term relationships with our clients due to our core values of professionalism, trust, integrity and respect. Pride Advice serves more than 1700 clients around Australia. We’re proud to say that we provide financial planning for many family groups who have relied on our advice over several generations.

We pride ourselves on the best advice.

With consecutive wins of the RI ADVICE Awards – you can feel safe we will be with you every step of the way..

Hear what our clients
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Why our clients love what we do

  • Pride Advice Has Helped Me

    Pride Advice Has Helped Me

    I have been a long term Client of Pride Advice and like a lot of people always wondered “are personal insurances and the premiums I pay worth it?” I have recently been diagnosed with Cancer and am now undergoing Chemotherapy. My Doctor has told me I will need at least a year off of work due to the nature of what I do. Pride Advice have helped me to make a claim on my insurances and thankfully I now have an ongoing income and a lump sum in my bank account. This has taken a lot of pressure off financially and I can now just concentrate on getting well. I’m very grateful that I had good cover in place and some support during this challenging time in my life.
  • Polite & Friendly Staff!

    Polite & Friendly Staff!

    In particular, I would like to say that I have always found the staff at ‘Pride Advice’ polite and friendly, and that they have always gone beyond what could normally be expected to be of help. Furthermore they have always been available to speak to me over the phone, and have always shown themselves eager not only to deal with my specific concerns, but also to prioritised their endeavour to enhance and promote my financial goals along the way. I should also add that I have found their fees to be quite reasonable – considering the complexity, the quality, and the entirety of their annual professional input that has been required in my cases over the years.
    J K
  • Many Thanks to Pride Advice

    Many Thanks to Pride Advice

    5 months ago, I sustained an injury outside of work which still today has not healed, and have been unable to work since. My income protection has come to the rescue and has supplemented all that lost income, something I thought would never have been needed. Not only has it relieved the pressure financially, but mentally it had been an incredible comfort and relief and removed all stress and strain. Instead of being forced financially to return to work prematurely, and risk aggravating or causing further damage, I can instead focus on my recovery and healing correctly and returning to work when it’s safe for me to do so. Income Protection has proven to be such a blessing indeed, and can’t imagine the situation we’d be in if we didn’t have it. Many thanks to Pride for their management, guidance and overseeing of my claim.
  • Knowledgeable & Ethical Team

    Knowledgeable & Ethical Team

    We are extremely happy with the professional services and advice we receive from the team at Pride Advice, they took the time to assess our situation and requirements and provided timely advice. Being able to draw upon a wide range of skills and experience across financial planning and risk management services gives us great confidence that our financial affairs are being well looked after. It is certainly a pleasure dealing with a knowledgeable and ethical team who are interested in our needs.
    M B
  • Communication Has Been Excellent

    Communication Has Been Excellent

    I wasn’t happy with my financial adviser and when talking about it with a friend, they suggested that I get in contact with Pride Advice. On meeting with Tracey she mapped out how my financial future can look and explained why I should take certain steps to improve my financial outcome. Since switching to Pride Advice I have had exemplary service from Tracey and Brett (Owner) and their team. Communication has been excellent, which is so important, particularly as we are in the current world financial woes.
  • Staff Are Highly Knowledgeable

    Staff Are Highly Knowledgeable

    Exceptional service from the first point of contact all the way to professional statements of advice. All staff are highly knowledgeable and appear to know every client and their individual needs. Highly recommend an appointment.
  • Trusted Financial Advisers!

    Trusted Financial Advisers!

    Pride Advice, as my trusted financial advisers, plays an essential role in managing my financial peace of mind. Pride Advice is totally thorough in providing well researched sound financial advice critical for a successful retirement. I have no hesitation in recommending Pride Advice for the expert implementation and management of one’s financial superannuation success.
    R L
  • Financial Advice Tailored Perfectly

    Financial Advice Tailored Perfectly

    Receiving financial advice from Pride Advice has given me a greater education, understanding and confidence with investments, and impressed upon me the importance of having the correct level of insurance cover, all tailored perfectly to my needs.
  • Highly Experienced in Their Field

    Highly Experienced in Their Field

    We have been clients for 2 years now at Pride Advice and during this time we’ve been very impressed with the clear direction and guidance we have received. Our adviser has worked together with us in establishing a clear sound plan for our future financial needs and we now have a very clear vision. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to seek financial or wealth planning help from those highly experienced in their field to offer sound advice .
    T S
  • Listen

    We sit down with you and listen to what you have to say.

  • Design

    We create and evolve personal wealth solutions to ensure they always reflect your needs and objectives.

  • Realise

    We help you establish and realise your goals and objectives, whatever your stage of life.

Estate Planning

Getting your affairs in order is vital to ensuring your assets are directed to the people you want – your intended beneficiaries. Some things to consider include the direction of assets, superannuation death benefits, direction of Life Insurance proceeds, tax and Social Security implications, and asset protection.

As with so many financial matters, there’s more than one approach. However, there is usually a method that is most appropriate for any given situation. An experienced and knowledgeable financial adviser will be able to sit down with, listen to your circumstances and intentions, and then devise the best plan going forward to ensure your estate lands where you want it to.

Aged Care Advice

We’re led to believe that life slows down in retirement. From a financial position, however, things have the potential to become complicated and stressful rather quickly. Aged care is a case in point. Transitioning to this stage of life requires a cool and experienced head to make the decisions that will have a marked impact on your future.

A Pride Advice financial adviser who specialises in aged care advice can help explain the options, the process and work out the most effective way to finance aged care accommodation or in-home care.

Having a financial adviser with the knowledge and expertise working alongside you not only streamlines the process but removes much of the stress.

Centrelink Assistance

Our most valuable piece of advice when it comes to Centrelink help is to always be prepared. Planning is the difference between unnecessary yo-yoing between departments and efficiently getting what you need. At Pride Advice, we are proud to offer a Centrelink service to take the burden out of the process. May that be once-off assistance or ongoing correspondence nominee support.

Simply, we are on hand to guide and support you throughout the process.

We pride ourselves on remaining up to date with current assessment criteria for the many government allowances, and our experience allows clients to maximise their Centrelink entitlements.

Retirement Planning

There is a tendency once people retire, and have their lump sum invested or an annuity in place, to think that they don’t need professional financial advice. Our experience tells us that the opposite is true. There are many reasons for this and here are some of the big issues: 

  • Ensuring you don’t compromise your Centrelink entitlements. 
  • Dealing with market volatility. 
  • Providing family finance.
  • Inheritance and estate planning.
  • Financing your lifestyle.
  • Managing aged care.

Superannuation Advice

Superannuation is arguably the most tax-effective method of funding your retirement. A lack of awareness and education around superannuation is one of the biggest financial problems in Australia. It is a mission of ours to make our clients some of the best-informed people on superannuation.

To take full advantage of tax benefits, you need the right superannuation advice. We can also help avoid the pitfalls.

It is never too early. The problem with retirement is that, for most of us, it’s in the future. And the future is always tomorrow. We implore you not to wait and contact us now.

Transition to Retirement

Australia’s superannuation system gives you the option to transition to retirement (TTR). The manner of the ‘transition’ is yours to decide.  Of course, you need to be aware of your options. The first thing to do is decide what’s important to you. Do you want to ease gradually into retirement by reducing your hours, or use your last years in the workforce to boost your super balance?

As with all things financial, it pays to know your limits. It’s important you understand the contribution caps, which determines how much you can contribute to superannuation before tax. There are also rules regulating withdrawing payments, including minimum and maximum limits per year.

Talk to the team at Pride Advice for all the guidance you need during your transition to retirement.