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Tony Davison, Brett Schatto and Azlin Lutfi keep you up to date with the latest thinking on financial and tax strategies, and planning for life’s financial issues.

*Information in these communications are general advice and do not take into account any person's objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider your own circumstances and consider whether the advice is right for you before making a decision. Always obtain a Product Disclosure Statement (If applicable) to understand the full implications and risks relating to the product and consider the Statement before making any decision about whether to acquire the financial product.

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Question What You Know

The typical 5-year-old asks more than 100 questions a day. Sound grating? Well, we should be taking a leaf out of their book.


Capital Gains – why is the US share market still outperforming Australia’s?

Brett and Tony take a look at the reasons behind the strong performance of the US share market, and why Australia is still lagging.


Avoiding those COVID-19 insurance cracks

Brett and Tony discuss some cracks that may surface in insurance policies due to COVID-19.


The 4 key ingredients for a secure financial future

Brett and Tony break down the four financial keys you’ll need to take into account to determine what your future will look like.


Capital Gains – how to spot your investment biases

Tony and Brett talk about the uncertainty ahead and how your own confirmation bias could lead you into dangerous waters.


Why timing the market more often than not doesn’t work in your favour.

Tony and Brett talk about the traps of trying to pick the market peaks and troughs and one client who only had it half right.


Two ways to avoid the financial complications of divorce

Tony and Brett talk about the sad reality of divorce and the financial complications coming out of divorce.


Actions you should consider taking before the end of financial year

We look at the actions you should consider taking before the end of financial year.