The world of investment is intimidating. There are seemingly endless avenues to pursue and numerous angles to consider before deciding on an action.

The problem is that every option is possibly a pitfall, which depends as much on your circumstances as it does on the asset itself. The key to avoiding the mistakes and making the right calls is, of course, a sound investment strategy.

Maximise your wealth creation with sound investment strategy

At Pride Advice, our goal is boredom. That’s right – when it comes to investment advice, we aim for unsurprising, stable, consistent and diversified portfolios. Primarily, we achieve this by talking with you. The right investments are highly personal, and we won’t know which options are right for you until we get to know you, your situation and your goals.

Why should I have an investment adviser?

One of the biggest reasons we recommend clients take advantage of our investment committee is to combat their own behavioural biases. Basically, there are certain actions humans are prone to that can work against a sound investment strategy.

At one end of the scale, investors can be too reactionary. Many opportunities are couched as unique or timely, and require immediate action to take advantage of. This pressures many people into acting before they think or even seek advice, inevitably leading to regret.

At the other end of the scale are the set-and-forgetters. Superannuation typically suffers from this approach, as the long-term nature of this form of investment can encourage a blasé attitude. Simply put, superannuation is for older people, and not something for me to think about while I’m young and healthy.

To make the most out of our investment opportunities, however, we need to be considered and measured in our approach and regularly review our strategy to ensure it’s responding to needs, goals and circumstances.

An independent financial adviser can help you think objectively and take maximum advantage of all the avenues out there.

What areas does Pride Advice assist with?

Our solutions always create a diversified, solid investment portfolio tailored to our clients’ needs. We assist with:

Direct shares

Borrowing to invest

Fixed interest securities

Managed investments

Direct property

Term deposits