Having had all the insurances since the start of working over 30 years ago, it’s easy to question if it’s all worth it when it’s never been used. Being fit and healthy you could easily think it’s not necessary.

5 months ago, I sustained an injury outside of work which still today has not healed, and have been unable to work since.

My income protection has come to the rescue and has supplemented all that lost income, something I thought would never have been needed. Not only has it relieved the pressure financially, but mentally it had been an incredible comfort and relief and removed all stress and strain. Instead of being forced financially to return to work prematurely, and risk aggravating or causing further damage, I can instead focus on my recovery and healing correctly and returning to work when it’s safe for me to do so.

Income Protection has proven to be such a blessing indeed, and can’t imagine the situation we’d be in if we didn’t have it.

Many thanks to Pride for their management, guidance and overseeing of my claim.