The Super Loong Lunch is Back!

By Pride Advice

How it all began

There are too many families in the Financial Services industry going through times right now. David Kayser, from Kayser Wealth Strategies, and his family are a case in point. His daughter, Mabelle, was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma last year, and they’ve been put through the wringer since.

Stories like this prompted a group of colleagues from the industry, including Dave Slovinec from Pride Advice Adelaide, to get together and see if there was anything we could do to ease the burden. While there’s little we can do to ease the emotional toll medical emergencies like Ewing’s Sarcoma demand, we can at least help with the onerous financial strain created by hospital stays, medical bills, operations and everyday living expenses.

In this spirit, the Super Loong Lunch was held for the first time seven years ago. Apart from a forced hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic, it has become an annual event, raising over $300,000 for families in similar circumstances to the Kaysers.

This year, David and his family are the focus, and here’s their story.

Kayser family story

On the 29th of December last year, as Deb Kayser was putting her daughter, Mabelle, to bed, Mabelle pointed to a lump on her ribs that was bothering her. The obvious protuberance was firmer than the tissue surrounding it and took up the entire palm of Deb’s hand. Like any parent, she felt the quick rise of panic and, like any parent, she did her best not to show it.

The following day, at an appointment with their GP, the doctor played it down, suggesting it may be nothing more than a protruding rib. Nevertheless, Mabelle was booked for an ultrasound and X-rays. More scans, tests and meetings with doctors filled the next couple of weeks.

On 18 January, Mabelle was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer originating in her left rib with secondary nodules in her lungs. Treatment would consist of chemotherapy, surgery, more chemotherapy and radiation therapy over a ten month period.

To say the last twelve weeks have been difficult for Mabelle and her family doesn’t give much of a window into what they’re going through. Regular chemo treatments, numerous blood tests, regular appointments, but also unscheduled visits to the emergency department. Mabelle continues to have issues with pain management and febrile neutropenia (the occurrence of fevers during a time in which we’re more vulnerable to infection) and she is often admitted to hospital for days at a time.

On Friday 23 April, Mabelle had the tumour removed. She is currently resting at home before another four months of chemo and, possibly, radiation therapy.

Check out the invitation

You can either buy a whole table or I can reserve a table under your name and the guests can go on and buy individual tickets on your table. chemo and, possibly, radiation therapy.

Come and raise a glass (and buy a bottle or two) to the Kaysers!

This year, the Super Loong Lunch is back to provide much needed support for David Kayser, from Kayser Wealth Strategies, and his family. They’ve been through a hellish ordeal recently, so it’s time to raise a glass and some love for one of our own in need.

This year, we’re excited to announce that COVID won’t be putting a stop to the Super Loong Lunch. On Friday 3 September, we’ll be getting together to raise money for the Kayser family. So grab a table (bookings are limited due to restrictions), enjoy some much-needed friendship and banter with colleagues from the industry, buy some top-notch wine and raise a glass to one of our own in need. Of course, all funds raised go directly to the Kayser family. See the link for more details and we look forward to seeing you there!

The wine packs are ready to go!

Darryl and the team at Wine Direct have been working hard sourcing some sensational wine for the Wine Packs.

There are 3 packs available this year with $40 from every dozen purchased going to the Kayser family fundraiser.

Attached, is the order form or for those more tech savvy here’s the link to the Wine Direct website.