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At some point throughout our lifetime, we all may have to engage with the system. Whether it’s relating to the arrival of a new child, applying for carer allowance or payment, navigating disability support or applying for the age pension.

Centrelink Liaison Service

Our most valuable piece of advice when it comes to Centrelink help is to always be prepared. Planning is the difference between unnecessary yo-yoing between departments and efficiently getting what you need. At Pride Advice, we are proud to offer a Centrelink service to take the burden out of the process. May that be once-off assistance or ongoing correspondence nominee support.

Simply, we are on hand to guide and support you throughout the process.

We pride ourselves on remaining up to date with current assessment criteria for the many government allowances, and our experience allows clients to maximise their Centrelink entitlements.

Subscribers to this service

Make Pride Advice their nominated authority with Centrelink, giving us online access to your records. This allows us to liaise with them on your behalf to update your records as your financial circumstances change. Typical changes include bank balances, asset values, change in income and withdrawals from investments. We also assess your entitlement as your needs change and rules around Centrelink change to help manage your obligations.

If you, a relative, friend or colleague would find value in our Centrelink liaison service, please contact one of our experienced advisors’.


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Centrelink assistance for retirees

We look after more retired clients than we do those still in the workforce. Often this is because, as a society, we don’t provide enough education and awareness around retirement and finances.

It is worrying how many retirees do things that compromise their Centrelink entitlements or lose them altogether.

Our team of advisers specialise in providing strategies to assist clients in applying, enhancing and maintaining Centrelink their entitlements.