Wealth Management

As a boutique advisory firm, working with a relatively small number of clients, we pride ourselves on offering a highly personalised service. We regularly and actively communicate with our clients. We are reachable to them at all times and respond promptly to all questions.

We have a disciplined investment process that actively manages assets to ensure they are appropriately positioned for the times. This dynamic process accounts for evolving markets, legislative change and, of course, changing life circumstances.

It’s not only about what you bring in; what you do with it is just as important. Wealth management plays a huge role in determining the quality of your life and your loved ones’.

  • Listen

    We sit down with you and listen to what you have to say.

  • Design

    We create and evolve personal wealth solutions to ensure they always reflect your needs and objectives.

  • Realise

    We help you establish and realise your goals and objectives, whatever your stage of life.

Why have an investment adviser?

One of the biggest reasons we recommend clients take advantage of our investment committee is to combat their own behavioural biases. Basically, there are certain actions humans are prone to that can work against a sound investment strategy.

At one end of the scale, investors can be too reactionary. Acting before you think or seek advice, inevitably leads to regret.

At the other end of the scale are the set-and-forgetters. Superannuation typically suffers from this approach, as the long-term nature of this form of investment can encourage a blasé attitude.

To make the most out of our investment opportunities, we need to be considered and measured in our approach and regularly review our strategy to ensure it’s responding to needs, goals and circumstances.

A Pride Advice independent financial adviser can help you think objectively and take maximum advantage of all available avenues.