In Your 50’s




In Your 50s

As retirement starts to emerge on the horizon, focus on ramping up your savings and reducing debt. Take advantage of “catch-up” contributions to retirement accounts to accelerate savings.

Assess your retirement readiness and consider consulting a financial adviser for personalized advice. Fine-tune your investment strategy to prioritize capital preservation while still seeking growth opportunities.

Develop a plan for healthcare expenses in retirement, including Medicare and supplemental coverage. Start thinking about your desired retirement lifestyle and adjust your savings and spending accordingly.

  • Listen

    We sit down with you and listen to what you have to say.

  • Design

    We create and evolve personal wealth solutions to ensure they always reflect your needs and objectives.

  • Realise

    We help you establish and realise your goals and objectives, whatever your stage of life.

What Pride Advice Offers You

A Pride Advice adviser aids in plans to boost savings and minimizing debt, leveraging “catch-up” contributions for accelerated growth. They can help you stay on track with those plans.  Your adviser can evaluate your retirement readiness, offering tailored advice. Advisers can refine investment strategies for capital preservation and growth, while crafting plans for healthcare expenses. They also help align savings and spending with desired retirement lifestyles.

Seeking advice from a financial adviser is crucial as they provide personalised guidance based on expertise rather than subjective opinions. Unlike family, friends, or media, Pride Advice advisers offer professional insights tailored to individual needs. Financial literacy is mostly overlooked in formal education, so it is a necessity to obtain expert advice.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and individual circumstances may vary. It’s essential to adapt these recommendations to your specific financial situation and goals and consider seeking professional advice when needed.